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ClickBank Ninja Tactic Make More Money

Seriously, who doesn't want to make more money when promoting affiliate offers?  Well we have a trick that really help you rack up the commissions if you take a few extra minutes to put it in to play. The method we share is for ClickBank products, but we're sure there are other systems that you can figure out how to use this trick on.

Nearly everyone has ran across a ClickBank product for sale while surfing the Internet. Some have decent sale pages and some while others have horrible sale pages. The products are often great, just the product creator did not hire a professional to do the sales page copy. So the big issue here is that when you are promoting a product on ClickBank you are forced to send your traffic to these questionable pages. Some of which are “leaks”, leaky sales pages are ones often design to do lead capture of your traffic to only divert them to the product creators links later on leaving you out of a commission, pretty pathetic wouldn't you agree?

Good news, we're going to by pass those pages and collect the commissions ourselves. The product creator will still get his commission, just he doesn't get to leech off your traffic. So here is how to do this… 

This method works best if you have pre-sold your traffic on the product first. Various ways that you can pre-sale your traffic on a product are via email lists, your own sales page or using Youtube videos. By now I bet you are asking what is this awesome method, well it's so simple but effective you have to smile.

We by-pass the affiliate site and send our traffic directly to ClickBanks checkout page for that product keeping our affiliate commission in place. Again we're keeping the visitor under our control and not under the product's creator. We can make custom sales pages and video that blow away the original sales page and convert many times higher.

We need to build our link, this will take a few minutes time to do.

Here is the basic link structure below (it should appear as 1 line, if not reconstruct it in your text editor):


The YOURID part will change to your ClickBank Affiliate ID and the MerchantID part will be replaced to the products creator ID leaving the underscore between them, we will be replacing the product number as well. Don't worry we will go over this in the video on this page.