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What Are Lead Magnets

What Are Lead Magnets

What do freebies, opt-in signup bribes and freemiums have in common? They are all lead magnets and drive qualified email addresses to your email list and websites.

A lead magnet is exactly what it sounds like, but what is it? I'll give seven examples of lead magnets. Your business can utilize them immediately.

Perhaps you want a lead magnet or you just don't know what it is. Well, I will be sharing seven examples of lead magnets in this article. So you can get a better understanding of how a lead magnet can benefit your business. But the one thing you need to recognize is that a lead magnet has to offer free value. If you're planning to give something away for free, it needs to be something so valuable that people will actually give you their email address for. This will ensure that they will stay on your list.

So the whole idea is that this is a way to nurture those leads into your funnel, and get them to actually buy from you when you're ready to sell the end game here is to use your lead magnet to grow your list, right? But how do you then create emails that your subscribers are actually going want to read?

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Different types of Lead Magnets

The first is a cheat sheet.

Ultimately, this can be either a checklist or a series of examples with illustrations. Another example might be a page of keyboard shortcuts for a software application. The idea is that it's a quick win for you and them. It is something that is simple for your subscribers to digest and read, and they can get something right away.


The second is a worksheet.

In other words, it puts what you're teaching into action for your customer. Whether you're teaching them via your blog, your YouTube channel, or your podcast, they need to put the learning into practice in their business. You're basically asked a series of questions, then you fill in the answers in the blanks. This makes you think about whatever lesson or content was discussed, and makes you actually be creative and put it into practice in your business.


The third number are guides.

This is usually in the form of an eBook and has a lot of value. They will be guided through a process or taught something based on a lot of data, and they will say, “I can't believe this is being offered for free.” For instance, a guide on how to take a 25K product to 2 million is targeted towards business owners, looking to scale and shares case studies and proof that this process works. Your website will benefit from this freebie, which is incredibly detailed and perfect for marketing a new book.

The fourth option is video or audio training.

Here is a really good one for you. If you are writing regular blog articles or you don't have a pillar content strategy, then a video or audio really helps to establish your personality. It also helps to build that connection with your audience. Basically, you can send out a series of emails with the training attached as part of a drip campaign. For example, you can send out a series of emails over four to ten days. Another option might be to have a creative teach a mini master class on your niche in a webinar or prerecorded. It is likely that this masterclass will lead new prospective customers to a paid service you offer.


The number five is a challenge.

You have the opportunity to provide so much value and build a one-to-one relationship with each prospective customer. This is very effective. When you do it for a five to ten day period, and you're very focused on what you're doing. Perhaps you run a Facebook group where the challenge is running. You post live trainings or tips every single day there, or perhaps you provide feedback to other participants. It really is an excellent idea because it is unique, but you will need to put a bit more effort into it. A great example from teachable is a great way for businesses to make non-customers into customers. You use their platform to present a challenge to get people to sign up for a chance to win something. By providing access to well-known mentors, they are also providing a great deal of value.


The sixth is a quiz, because a quiz is fun and easy to do.

Using them is a great way to learn about your customers' minds and to do a little bit of market research as well. This way you can ask a great deal of questions and then send them an email with the answers. This way, they have already invested time in completing the quiz. The email address they give you is likely to be given to you since they want the answers back. What's your secret sauce? is a fun quiz created by Jenna Kutcher. There is a series of questions you must answer to determine what makes that special. Something that you have as a business owner.


The seventh course is a mini-course.

You are investing the most time here, but the payoff will be the most significant. The mini course is a good way to warm up potential customers. Particularly if you're a coach offering a premium coaching package, or if you're a course creator offering a premium course that really shows what your teaching style is like and makes your audience go crazy.

Customer will think “This is being provided for free. Imagine what the paid program will offer”. Cindy runs a social media boot camp, which she positions as a free training. The course consists of five modules and valuable tips and tricks. The purpose of this is to upsell people to her paid coaching programs and memberships.


What lead magnet should I use?

Identify your favorite from lead magnet these examples. To create a freebie, you must first understand what is your ideal customer's biggest challenge, then create a freebie around that and ensure that it's something you can offer for free.

This is extremely valuable as this will get them started on whatever journey you want them to take. Now that you know what a lead magnet is, you can begin creating one for your business. Give one of these ideas a try and test it for a little while. Start marketing it on your social channels, via email, on your website, all those sorts of things, and see how it goes. Listen to what people have to say. You can evolve and create new freebies as you go, now that you know creating a lead magnet is a great way to grow your email list. However, when it comes to actually writing all those emails that you send out, that's another story. We will show you how to create lead generation emails with ease in another IMSmartMoney article soon.

There is no need to struggle with coming up with content that your audience will enjoy. See what others in your niche are providing free content on for ideas.

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