What is Mindset and Why does it matter?

While making more money online and ranking websites & videos is the core of IM Smart Money. It’s important to understand to make the most out of your time and efforts with Internet Marketing requires a lot of self discipline and confidence. We have decided that mindset is so important, perhaps even more so than some of the tricks and methods we share to your success that we will devote a special section on mindset and goal setting…

Mindset – “A set of beliefs, a way of thinking that determines one’s behavior, outlook and mental attitude”…

Perceivably the one most crucial factor that helps determine the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is mindset. Let’s look for a moment at all the different ways that our mindset is created.

First, there is the set of beliefs: Our beliefs make up our own personal map that enables us to navigate through life. A set of beliefs is what provides each of us with a sense of certainty about something. Whether that something is about religion, money, a geographical location, etc. That set of beliefs is the primary basis of everything we think about and how we react.

Our beliefs are taught to us when we were very young and totally impressionable, usually by parents. Statistics indicate that what a child is taught from birth to the age of seven is deeply engrained and is what we base everything on throughout life.

However, the important thing to realize is that our beliefs have only as much authority in our life as we allow them to have. The key is to realize this and then the great news is that beliefs can be changed! As we reflect on our lives, if our beliefs have not served us and helped us to reach our goals, then it is just a matter of making a conscious effort to redirect those beliefs and change thoughts, which leads to different actions which then undeniably will create different results.

View your set of beliefs like you would a map. Just as when you use a geographical map, as a representation of land layout and a guide, you should view your set of beliefs as a ‘personal map’ of sorts. It is only a representation, and nothing set in stone. Your beliefs can be altered; you simply have to decide to do so.

Second, there is your way of thinking. This is comprised of our daily thoughts and the type of language we use. The Foundation of National Science estimates that the human brain produces up to fifty thousand thoughts per day, and more than ninety percent of these thoughts run through our mind multiple times throughout the course of a day. Ultimately it is these thoughts that are a direct reflection of the set of beliefs we hold as true and what dictates our actions. If you are constantly saying your book, website or product is not good enough and requires more time you might get stuck and never release or promote it.

Reflect for a moment on how you talk. Is it in a positive way, what is your inner voice constantly saying? What about the self-talk you do? Is it something like ‘I can’t’, I don’t deserve’, I’m not as lucky as they are’, ‘well they have the money to do that, what am I supposed to do’? This self-talk and the way you carry on a conversation is also directly related to your mindset. Did you grow up in a household where money caused a lot of arguments or stress with your parents? If so, then you were taught negative annotations about money without even realizing it. Or perhaps your religious beliefs decree that money is evil, and even when you get your hands on some; you sub-consciously get rid of it as quickly as possible, because your deep inner thoughts are reminding you that it must be evil.

Becoming aware of your thoughts will help you in realizing how they command the action you take. The good news is that with a little bit of consistent training, you can begin to change your thoughts and actions. It is important to realize that actions are taken both on a conscious and unconscious level. The subconscious actions of course are the ones that are associated with our instincts and are deeply imbedded into our minds, which form habits. Although they are the most difficult to change, t is possible with intentional effort. All the successful marketers are people just like you, the only difference is they decided they could do it and cast self-doubt away.

And finally the fourth aspect of the mindset is the results you get, which is the direct outcome of the actions you’ve ‘chosen’ to take (whether that choice is conscious or sub-conscious). There is a saying that ‘as long as you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you got!”. Take at least one new action a day towards your goal.

So considering all aspects of the mindset. 1) a set of beliefs (that can be changed) 2) a way of thinking (that can be redirected with some effort) 3) the action taken (while thoughts control action, if you become aware of your self-sabotaging habits, then you can make a conscious effort to change your action) and 4) start seeing different/better results.

There is no such thing as fate, or being dealt a bad hand in life. YOU can change your results!

Simple steps to change mindset:

  1. Look within and consider your set of personal beliefs.
    1. How have your beliefs served you?
    2. Were they engrained in you during childhood?
    3. What results in your life correspond to a specific belief? Do you want to change the results?
    4. Create a vision that you can be passionate about
      1. Write down details, describing it so well that you can create a vivid picture of the end result in your mind.
      2. What actions are necessary in making this vision a reality?
      3. Itemize a plan that will enable you to get from point A to point B
      4. Review it at least once a day.
      5. Adopt a positive attitude.
        1. This can be difficult if you have a tendency to say “I can’t” take baby steps and when you say “I can’t”, add “yet” at the end.
        2. When a negative thought creeps in and you realize it, make a conscious effort to redirect it to a positive. Did you know that it only takes seventeen seconds to redirect a thought? Consider for a moment that you are so down in the dumps one day that saying even the simplest positive affirmation sounds so far-fetched (and ridiculous) that you can’t make it work. If that is the case, then simply focus on something else…oh my nose is itching, oh the bottom of my foot is itching, I must get to it….OR count to seventeen…There you go, you’ve stopped that negative thought just in the nick of time!
        3. Keep company with positive, inspiring people.
          1. What type of people do you spend time with? Are they positive thinking or always complaining?
          2. You become what you think about, you know.
          3. Treat yourself as often as you can to dinner at an exquisite restaurant. Soak in the atmosphere, the people surrounding you. (I’ll bet it is much better then hearing about your ‘best friend’s’ current life problems) Really come on, what does complaining get you? More down in the dumps and depressed, usually.
          4. Take action in working towards your vision
            1. If you see something that someone else is doing and it resonates with you, then figure out a way you can do it, the same or even better.
            2. If you don’t have the means to do it completely like they do, then ask yourself how you can do it with the tools you have at hand…and do it!

Don’t underestimate the power of mind. This is an instrument that you can make more powerful then ever. Mold it into what you want! It is yours and no one else’s!

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