Best Free Email List Cleaner for Mac & PC

Email marketing is one of the most profitable things you can do as an online marketer. You have heard the saying “the money is in the list” I am sure. Even if you don’t consider yourself a marketer, building a mail list is crucial to just about any online business. Sending out emails, newsletters and having an autoresponder all involves having a “clean list” of mail contacts.

It’s important to keep your mail list clean for many reasons.

Most autoresponders charge by how many contacts you have or how many emails you send or both. Having bad emails on your list can cost you money or worse your autoresponder account could be banned for sending too many emails that get bounced back or reported as spam. Continue reading…

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Expired Domain Miner Review Setup a PBN for Dollars

UPDATE: Expired Domain Miner is no longer available. We have not received news of why it’s offline. When we find a suitable replacement we will update this article.

Expired Domain Miner is a Windows application that allows your own build PBN (Private Blog Network) empires very cheaply. Instead of paying top dollar for domains with Page and Domain Authority you can purchase high-quality domains for the only the domain registration fee allowing you to build your own network of highly valued blogs that will skyrocket your rankings when used properly. This is different than the old way of buying expired domains with PR (Page Rank, something Google has depreciated and you should not be focusing on). You can rank and make money with PBNs in many ways.
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Secure WordPress From Hackers

One of the most important things you can do if you run a WP blog is to secure WordPress from hackers. Most of us use WordPress because it’s very easy to use and it offers the ability to extend it far beyond a cookie cutter blog. Due to WordPress’s popularity it’s targeted by hackers and vulnerabilities are found which require you to constantly update it or be open for attack. I will go over how you can run a secure WordPress website.

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Free Udemy Courses Updated Daily

Free Udemy Courses updated daily.

These free Udemy courses come from many sources online and often the free coupons get used up quickly. We save you time by listing all these courses in one place so you can take advantage of these as quickly as possible. Some of these courses are pure gold and other… well not so great but hey they’re free!

You’ll find courses on SEO, blogging, marketing, photography, graphics, programming and so much more.

If you don’t know what Udemy is, then you have been missing out on some outstanding online education on just about every topic you can imagine. Now you can join some great courses at no cost easily saving hundreds of dollars.

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Video Auto Click Review & Major Discount

Over the years Facebook has made it more difficult for marketers to capitalize on their platform. Basically if you want to advertise on Facebook they want you to pay them. Enter Video Auto Click (with a massive discount)…

Video Auto Click allows you to use your YouTube videos to market on Facebook with some ninja like features. Video Auto Click (which will be referred to as VAC for the rest of this review) allows you to post your YouTube videos to Facebook Pages, Fan Pages ad Groups allowing you to add a call to action placed beneath them and when the video reaches the end it will auto forward the viewer to any URL you wish, this is very powerful.

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What is Mindset and Why does it matter?

While making more money online and ranking websites & videos is the core of IM Smart Money. It’s important to understand to make the most out of your time and efforts with Internet Marketing requires a lot of self discipline and confidence. We have decided that mindset is so important, perhaps even more so than some of the tricks and methods we share to your success that we will devote a special section on mindset and goal setting…

Mindset – “A set of beliefs, a way of thinking that determines one’s behavior, outlook and mental attitude”…

Perceivably the one most crucial factor that helps determine the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is mindset. Let’s look for a moment at all the different ways that our mindset is created. Continue reading…

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Auto-responders Holding You Back?

Auto-responders for those that do not know are scripts/services that allow you to build mailing lists, send broadcasts and prescheduled emails to subscribers. Most marketers opt to pay for services such as Aweber and Getresponse. Entire fortunes can be made using auto-responders.

Paying for others to host your auto-responder was considered the best way to run your own auto-responders up until recently. The problems with these services are the ongoing costs, you do not control the servers and if they go down for days you can not contact your lists, many require double opt-ins and worst of all they control your list. Continue reading…

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All GSA Products Discount Coupon Code


We have a special arrangement with GSA to offer our visitors the maximum discount available on all their products.

If you do not know of GSA, they make some of the best tools for Internet Marketers such as GSA Search Engine Ranker, GSA Captcha Breaker, GSA Email Spider , GSA Email Verifier

Just use the following GSA Coupon Code below during the checkout process… Continue reading…

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Boost Productivity 40% With Extra Monitors

Studies show that using 2 or more monitors boost productivity on an average of 40%. Many desktop users have multiple monitors, but most laptop users don’t. Well, I’m going to show you how you can take your cell phone or tablet and use it as an extra monitor on a PC or Mac. This is great for people who travel and can not lug around a real monitor.

What’s so great about this is you can have up to 4 extra monitors by using this method. You can mix and match Apple iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android to expand your display. Our video will demonstrate this in action with both an iPad & iPhone hooked up to a Mac Book Pro 15″ Retina. It’s amazing how much these extra monitors can help and the best thing of all if you already own one of these mobile devices it’s virtually free to do! Continue reading…

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WordAi Versus SpinnerChief Ultimate

We put the two best spinners head to head. WordAi Turing Version 3 versus SpinnerChief III Ultimate. These two spinners are considered the best at creating human readable spun text. So if you need content “created” with least effort for content back link building look no further.

There are a lot of spinners on the market, some are OK and others are just plain junk. If you are asking why The Best Spinner isn’t in this comparison it is because currently TBS is not producing the results we need for higher quality spins. Sure you can hand tweak your articles to be perfect, but in our business time is money. The less time I have to spend on tedious tasks is more time I have for making money. While no spinner will produce perfect results, these two do a great job of getting you closer to human readable content. To us that means content that reads in a linear fashion with proper verbs and nouns. So below we will show the results of spun articles by these two top spinners. Continue reading…

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